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News Headlines from the Eastern Region

New Adventure Sailing Club begins at Norwich Centre

Whitlingham Outdoor Education CentreWhitlingham Outdoor Education Centre on the outskirts of Norwich has been relaunched as Whitlingham Adventure. As part of the revamp the Centre has relaunched its OnBoard programme as the OnBoard Adventure Club. The OnBoard programme is being run through a club membership scheme, with the youngsters involved join as members, then receive discounted sessions and be part of the Adventure Club community.

Whitlingham’s OnBoard Adventure Clubs takes place every Saturday morning from 10.30am-1pm, open to all those aged 8-18 years with Stage 1 or above.

Click the link to find out more about the OnBoard Adventure Club.

Chris Edwards Retires

Long serving Eastern Region Committee member Chris Edwards has retired. He is leaving his beloved East Coast to live nearer his family in Edinburgh. Chris, 83, had a long and distinguished career as a naval officer, before making his mark in the world of business. Read the full story >>

Push the Boat Out

Nearly 50 sailing venues across the Eastern Region will be giving people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to get out on the water and discover a new sport for nine days this year from 13-21 May as part of the RYA’s Push the Boat Out initiative. Over 90,000 people nationally have experienced sailing at Push the Boat Out events since 2013 with hundreds becoming members of sailing clubs and signing up for courses. Saskia Clark, Rio 2016 Gold medallist from West Mersea, said: “I got into sailing through my local sailing club so it’s fantastic to see so many people given the opportunity to discover what the sport’s all about right on their doorstep. If you want to inspire your non-sailing friends and family to giving sailing and windsurfing a go, make sure you put Push the Boat Out in the diary”.

You can find all events, venues and dates plus more information at this link.

Ha’penny Pier Visitor Moorings & Fees

The facility at Harwich’s Ha’penny Pier is for visiting yachts only, from 8th April 2017 to 15th October 2017. Boats can moor for a maximum stay of 72 hours in the areas indicated. All other areas are reserved for the Authority’s use and mooring by yachts is strictly prohibited. No reservations can be made for the yacht moorings, which operate on a first come, first served basis. Yachts must be prepared to raft. Yachts may moor without charge from 09:00 hours until 16:00 hours. Yachts mooring outside these hours will be charged as follows: up to 5 metres £10; 5 to 10 metres £15; 10 to 15 metres £20; 15 to 20 metres £25 and over 20 metres £35, per full 24 hours. Fees will be collected after 16:00 hours and before 09:00 hours in the morning. Access to the showers will be provided by the Pier Attendant to yachts that have paid to moor.

More People take to the Water

New research shows that 3.5 million people (6.7 per cent of UK adults) participated in one or more of 12 core boating activities in 2016, the highest volume recorded since 2009 (3.534 million). An additional 668,828 (1.3 per cent of UK adults) took part in growing watersports activities, a rise of approximately 95,000 more participants. Overall, a total of 4.16 million people (7.9 per cent of UK adults) enjoyed boating and watersports in 2016.  Read more >>

Sailability Groups in the Eastern Region

The map at this link shows the various Sailability Groups that are operating in the Eastern Region area.

Invasive Species

Non-native invasive species can affect marine operations, block boats’ engine cooling systems, foul hulls and lead to costly repairs. Please report sightings. More details on the problem, and how to report sightings can be found at this link >>