A totally beautiful and affordable place to visit. Vietnam is becoming a hit vacation destination for people all over the world and with lush green landscapes and delicious food to indulge in, it’s not difficult to see why. But, like any other destination, there are risks. Here are 7 things to be careful of when travelling to Vietnam.

Tourists Make Easy Targets

Tourists can often appear naïve or ignorant and this makes the perfect victim for robberies or even violence. Make sure to be respectful and conscious.

Be Aware of Pickpockets

When you’re flustered over where you are, you may attract the attention of pickpocketers. Make sure you have your hand on your zip at all times, even wear your backpack on your front. Keep subtly checking for your phone and valuables and avoid taking them out in full view.

Don’t let yourself get scammed

Part of the appeal of Vietnam is that it’s an affordable place to visit. Be careful of any street vendors or transport trying to overcharge you because you aren’t a local.

Transport Won’t Wait

Vietnam is a very punctual country and you shouldn’t expect anybody to wait for you. Public transport always runs on time and to ensure you aren’t left stranded, check out this selection of men’s watches to help you keep track of your time.

The Heat is Intense

If you aren’t from a very warm climate, the heat may come as a shock to your body. Find shade, keep your sunscreen topped up and hydrate regularly.


Be sure to carry some bugspray to help you avoid getting bitten and invest in some gel to treat any bites.


Water in a different country may have a different chemical balance and it can potentially upset your stomach and make you sick as your body tries to get used to it. It may be worth just drinking bottled water to avoid getting sick/

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