How to Bond With Strangers On Holiday

How to Bond With Strangers On Holiday

When you are on holiday you may be interested in getting to know some of the locals who will be able to help make your vacation memorable and take you to some of the best attractions in the area. It is important that you try new things when you are on holiday as you are spending so much money to have a lovely experience it wouldn’t make sense for you to limit yourself to those you are familiar with. There are many ways that you can bond with strangers when you are on holiday in a way that is natural and doesn’t make you seem that you are coming on too strong.

It is normal for you to be nervous when approaching a stranger but as long as you remember to be warm and friendly, you should grow quite comfortable in a little time once you have gotten to know each other more. Again while it can be very daunting if you are able to form a solid bond with someone new you will hopefully be able to bring a new friend into the many different aspects of your home and family life. This article will be looking at various methods of making a bond between yourself and someone new that will last a very long time.

Introductory Drinks

A great way that you can create a solid bond and friendship with someone new and break the ice between strangers would have to be as simple as buying them a drink and introducing yourself. This is a great way to come across as a friendly individual and I am sure that the receiver of the drink will appreciate the gesture and be inclined to start a conversation with you. From this, you have already set a friendly tone which makes it easier and more natural for a lengthy conversation to follow.

Questions and Conversation Starters

If you are someone who likes to be prepared for any situation then you may want to look at finding some form of conversation starters or friendly questions that you can save for initial interactions with a new friend. You want to get new people talking about themselves so that you can show an interest in their lives and learn more about the person, this is when having a list of questions can really come in handy. Especially when you are talking to other guys who may get a little bit nervous about approaching someone who they don’t know in a public setting.

Making Other Plans

Depending on how long you have left on your holidays, you may want to take things a little further and try and arrange some extra plans with your new friend. This is a great way to solidify your bond with someone new as you are showing that you are being genuine about your wishes to spend more time together. As you become more familiar I am sure that you will be able to establish yourself as friends and maybe even arrange to meet up or communicate outside of your holiday time when you are back home.

Using Social Media and Exchanging Contact Info

A final way that you can bond with strangers when you are on holiday and even after the holiday is over is by exchanging contact information and following each other on social media. Social media especially is very convenient for keeping in contact with distant friends, and you can even use the platform to arrange further plans should your paths cross again. Social media is free and easy to use so you should have no issues in building a strong friendship.

How to Make Friends While on Holiday

How to Make Friends While on Holiday

It is said that you should go travelling alone at least once in your lifetime. Seeing the world alone is an experience like no other and it really gives you the chance to get to know yourself and think about your future prospects.

Travelling with a group of people can be hard enough, as the process of finding a hotel and making your way through the airport can be a bit hectic. For that reason, the prospect of having to do all of that on your own may seem extremely intimidating.

Travelling alone may also not be too appealing if you are someone that is quite extroverted. Going on holiday may not feel worth it if you have nobody to talk to, but travelling alone doesn’t mean that you have to have a lonely holiday, as you can make friends with people while you are away.

Making friends on holiday may seem scary, but it will only further your experience of travelling alone. If you are not sure how you would go about making it, here are some tips on making friends while you are on holiday.

Go to Events

When you go to a hotel, in every reception there is a bulletin board that is dedicated to informing tourists about any upcoming events or clubs that are happening. It can be tempting to walk straight past this board, but if you are travelling alone, it is recommended that you take a minute to look.

The activities on the board may not be your usual style, but you are on holiday and so now is the perfect time to try something new. Usually, on these boards there is a sign-up sheet, so you will be able to see which activity is the most popular. The busier the event is, the more likely you will make friends, so don’t be afraid to add your name to the list.

Be careful when you are picking the activities that you will be doing, as some simply would not allow for you to communicate with other people. For example, if you are doing an underwater scuba expedition, you won’t get the chance to talk to anyone and so won’t be able to make friends.

An ideal activity that you should look for is something crafts related, as you often get plenty of chances to talk and even joke about the difficulty of the task ahead of you. You are under no obligation to stick to one activity, so why not sign up to a few and see what takes your fancy?

Head to the Hotel Bar

Head to the Hotel Bar

A great way that you can easily speak to someone is over a drink. Alcohol helps to calm your nerves and makes the process of speaking to someone new much easier. The bar is the perfect time to speak to someone, as you will both be waiting for your drinks.

Something that may surprise you is that if you tell someone that you are travelling alone, they will feel quite inclined to invite you to come to sit with them. That is just how we behave as humans and it can be used to our own advantage.

When people are on holiday, they are in high spirits and are looking to make friends with new people. If you find some other people that are not travelling in big groups, then they will be grateful for the company and will be likely to speak to you so that they can also make friends.

If you go to your hotel bar and spot people that are alone, don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them, as they will most likely be appreciative that you have had the nerves to do it. Speaking to someone new can be difficult and it can be hard to think of a topic of conversation. There is nothing wrong with reverting back to classic conversation starters and I recommend that you give the would you rather game a try. This is a great way to get to know someone and it isn’t as formal as a conversation. Getting alcohol involved will ease the conversation a bit and make it a lot funner, so give it a try.


Best Destinations for a Couples Holiday

Going on holiday with your significant other is always a fun experience, especially if the relationship is quite new and you have never traveled together before. It can allow the two of you to bond and get to know each other better, as well as have an amazing time together exploring new countries and new cultures. Although, it can be hard to decide on a destination that you both would enjoy, which would also have places and activities that appeals to both you and your partner. This is especially true if your tastes are quite different, they do say opposites attract after all! If you are struggling to think of the best destination for you and your partner, this list might be helpful for you:


I’m sure it is no surprise that Paris is on this list, as it isn’t famously known as The City of Love for nothing. Thanks to the food and wine, the beautiful sites, and the romantic language, Paris has become a very popular destination for couples holidays. Couples flock to the city on their honeymoons, to celebrate their anniversaries or just for romantic getaways. Whether you decide to take the guided tours available around the city, or just take your time getting to know it at your own pace, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time in Paris.


This famous city is one that everyone should visit if they get the chance, regardless of whether it is for a romantic couples holiday or not. The beautiful canals and small restaurants tucked away down side alleys, make you feel like you have been transported to an entirely new world. You or your partner can take a ride in a gondola, which may be pricey but are definitely worth it for the romance. With other must-see sights, such as the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square, you are unlikely to get bored, however, if you do and you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your partner as you sit on your Venetian balcony, check out ponly. Here you will find conversation and question games to play with your significant other, which will easily pass time in the evenings.

The Caribbean

A popular holiday destination, for families, friends, and couples, the Caribbean has many destinations that you and your partner will enjoy. Whether you stay in a hotel on a resort, in a private villa or cottage, or really anywhere else, you are bound to have a good time thanks to the huge difference in culture, the people you will meet and the gorgeous sights to see. There are also many cruises to take around the Caribbean, something that you and your partner should consider as it can be argued that everyone should go on a cruise at least once in their life.


This Greek island is, according to some on the internet, one of the most romantic holiday destinations a couple can go on, thanks to the beautifully whitewashed town of Oia found on the island. The town has become a hugely popular destination for honeymoons thanks to the unique buildings built into the side of a cliff and breathtaking ocean views. The town is also very well known for the sunsets that can be seen there, provided perfect photo-ops to remember your holiday by. Whether you are going for your honeymoon or just a holiday away, definitely consider this Greek island, if not for the beautiful sights then the chance to discover and learn about a new and interesting culture.


If timed correctly, booking a holiday to visit this city or many other Japanese cities at the start of the year, you may get to see the famous cherry blossoms. This beautiful once a year occurrence is something that you are likely to remember for the rest of your life and will definitely make your holiday with your significant other extremely special. As well as this, the Japenese culture is hugely different from that of the western world, making it an ideal destination to go and learn about new foods and ways of life. Whilst often thought of as busy, you and your partner might just enjoy the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.



The 7 Most Luxurious Holidays On Earth

Stress is a factor in everyone’s life, but one of the best ways to take your mind of things and improve your life is to book a luxury holiday to a destination faraway from the anxieties of work and homelife.

This is because knowing you have a holiday coming up will bring more positive thoughts, and more positive thoughts means more positive experiences. This, of course, is the law of attraction, and while it may seem confusing, simply looking up a review of the manifestation magic course will help you understand why positive thoughts are so helpful and consequently, why booking a luxury holiday would be so beneficial!

1. Elounda, Crete

While Elounda is a cheap, don’t be fooled by the price. This once quiet fishing village is now a luxurious holiday destination with picturesque scenery and fantastic hotels.

2. Cascais, Portugal

Located just 20km from Lisbon, Cascais is full of incredible luxury restaurants and bars.

3. Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place for action packed adventure. Whether its zip-lining over the treetops of the Monteverde Cloud forest or white-water rafting down the Balsa river, if you if you have a family but still want luxury Limon is a perfect destination.

4. Pattaya City, Thailand

Filled with picturesque beaches, rich Buddhist history, and arguably the best nightlife in the world, Pattaya is a perfect luxury destination regardless of what you’re looking for.

5. Maldives

Comprised of over 1000 isles, the sea life here in almost beyond imagination. The luxury hotels here also usually have stilts above the water, meaning you can wake up and jump right in!

6. Tokyo, Japan

The epicenter of Japans renowned culture and geography lies in this bustling city, so it’s perfect for visiting one of Asia’s true gems.

  1. New York, USA

While Tokyo may be one of the epicenters of Asia, New Yok is the cultural equivalent in the Americas, essentially being the center of Western culture today. So if it’s relaxation rather than exploration you’re after, New York could be the perfect place.


5 Great Locations for a Boating Holiday

Llangollen Canal, North Wales

Now I know the first one on this list would have been expected to be somewhere hot and abroad, but a boating holiday in North Wales is not one to be missed. Travelling through miles and miles of breathtaking Welsh countryside and all of the quaint Welsh towns, it would be great for those wanting an extremely relaxed holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My advice would be to sit back, enjoy the countryside and maybe a pint with a pub lunch

River Thames

Another great option would be a boat trip along the Thames, slap bang in the middle of what is arguably the most interesting city in England you won’t be short of things to do. Travelling down the Thames is a great way to see the city all in one trip and with the option to stop off around London why not see the sights and go for a drink or a bite to eat in the huge range of bars or restaurants that are available


An obvious choice for a boating holiday would definitely be Venice, this city is truly remarkable and how romantic would it be to travel down the lakes in a cozy little boat with a glass of wine. It really is the stuff of dreams and should the opportunity arise to go I would definitely take it


Another great choice for a boating holiday would be Amsterdam, so much culture in such a unique city, the canals are a great way to travel and is definitely a place to go


Finally, one of the classier places for a boating holiday would have to be France, as a place in general France is an amazing place when it comes to the food and the wine and the views. When travelling by boat you are able to experience France in a whole new way