Reasons Why You Should Never Settle When Picking a Hotel

Reasons Why You Should Never Settle When Picking a Hotel

If you are smart, you will be among the few people rushing to go on holiday before the next lockdown. With new variations of Covid hitting the world, it is predicted that we are bound to experience yet another lockdown in the near future, which means now is the perfect time to get away before you are forced to stay indoors for another year.

If you are one of the people rushing to book a holiday, you may be willing to cut a few corners. Right now there are some limits on which countries you are allowed to visit, so you may not be able to go to your first choice. You may not also be able to go when you ideally want to, as the clock is ticking for when you will be able to holiday at all.

Though you are expected to make some compromises, somewhere that you shouldn’t compromise is when it comes to picking your hotel. You have no idea when the next time you travel will be and the last thing that you want is to be left with memories of a disappointing hotel ruining your big break.

Even if you do not plan on spending a lot of time in your hotel room, your hotel is still a huge part of your holiday experience. Here are just some reasons why you should never settle when it comes to picking a hotel room.

You Don’t Have To

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t compromise on your hotel is because you simply don’t have to. There are so many fantastic hotels on the market that it is much easier to find a good hotel than it is to find one that isn’t the best.

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you are not being left with terrible hotel options. For example, if you know that a certain resort or hotel branch has a good reputation, you could check to see if they have a location where you plan on visiting.

When I was traveling last year, I was extremely worried about going to a hotel that I would not like. Instead of leaving it up to chance, I took the time to think about when I went to Jamaica and stayed at a Sandal Resort. I had a great time at the resort and realized that I wanted the same experience on my next trip. Luckily for me, there were a few Sandal Resorts where I was staying, so I did a comparison of all the sandal resorts in the area and found one that was available on the date I planned on going.

If you are facing the same issue, you should look back to a hotel that you recall enjoying on a previous holiday. This way, you will know that you will enjoy the hotel that you visit.

Young couple smiling with the globe map and passports, they choosing place for travel

Bad Hotels Could Ruin Your Trip

Another reason why you should never settle when it comes to picking a hotel room is that picking a poor hotel room can completely ruin your holiday.

First of all, walking into a bad hotel can completely dampen your mood. Poor hotels often aren’t very accommodating to their guests and this is something that you will notice as soon as you arrive at the hotel. It is likely that staff won’t be very attentive and you will have to make a lot of the first moves to your room on your own.

If you have been traveling for quite a long time, then being welcomed with poor service may leave you in a sour mood. This sour mood that you may experience will only get worse if you go to your room and notice that it is not the quality that you imagined.

The last thing that you want is to have a poor mood when you are on holiday. Unfortunately, bad moods can often be difficult to shake and if you plan on spending your time in that hotel for the duration of your holiday, then your feelings about the hotel are only going to continue to arise and leave you feeling awful.

Bad Bed

A correlation that is often shared between bad hotels is bad beds. If you go to a cheap and awful hotel, it is likely that they haven’t upgraded their beds in a while or they have purchased a cheap mattress.

The main purpose of your hotel is to ensure that you are well-rested enough to be able to enjoy the rest of your trip. If you are unable to achieve a good night of rest, then it is likely that the rest of your plans may be disrupted. You may choose to sleep in for much longer in order to feel well-rested, which means that you could miss out on some of the things that you are excited to see.

Nobody likes sleeping in a bad bed and when you are on holiday, you are often on your feet quite a lot, so you need to get rest when you can. If you are unable to get rest, then you may choose to not go to some of the activities that you have planned.

This could really compromise your holiday and you may prevent yourself from having experiences that you are excited to try and have looked forward to.


These are the Best Ski Resorts to Visit if You Are a Skiing Novice

Skiing has always been, and will likely remain an extremely popular and glamorous sport to partake in. The idea of climbing to the beautiful snowy peak of a mountain in Sweden to shred up the land at high speeds with breath-taking views and incredible resorts to calm down from the exhilaration makes for a fantastic holiday goal for all kinds of people. But if you are a novice to the sport, it can be easy to become unnerved by stories of danger associated with the sport and the high prices charged by many of the more popular resorts. This can create a veritable minefield for prospective new skiers and can even put people off the idea entirely. Hopefully, these resort suggestions can help ease the transition from non-skier to a skiing maniac to improve your vacation opportunities for years to come.


La Plagne

Europe is the world’s hotspot for a good reason, and the French Alps have been a great place to ski for decades and is loved by skiers of all abilities. La Plagne in particular is a magnificent place to start, with its extremely modern build and well-placed living areas right by 4 chairlifts and easy to access busses making it one of the most convenient ways to go directly from your bed to the peak and back down to the local village. It certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, but the easy access to local amenities and the skiing itself combined with its relatively safe and well-controlled slopes makes it ideal for anyone new to the sport.



If you aren’t willing to travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to try a sport you aren’t yet fully comfortable with, you can always venture somewhere far closer to home. Breck is located in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, a wild area that mimics many of the snowy mountains in Europe without all the hassle of going international. This already makes it an ideal candidate to go out and trial this new hobby with its local convenience, but the resort itself is a fantastic place to ski. Not only are the mountains challenging without being too strenuous, but the local town also is directly below the skiing area and has everything you need to feel at home while on vacation. It even has a mall located in the next village which is just a free 20-minute bus ride away, allowing you to set up for extended periods of time without having to give up anything you are used to having when you aren’t living up a mountain.


One of these resorts would be an excellent place to start your skiing adventures and help you gain some in-the-field experience, which is the best way to go from novice to expert in such physical sports. If you still want to improve your chance of enjoyment, it is worth shopping around for some higher-grade equipment such as the traditional skis and warm, packed clothing. To really bring your experience to the max, I would also recommend picking up some personal audio equipment, a guide to which can be found here at https://snowgaper.com/best-skiing-headphones/. This can really help bring the magnificent beauty of nature up a level with your favorite music to create a more personal and brilliant experience all round.


The Most Fun Games to Play on an Aeroplane

Making a long flight enjoyable is a substantial task, we’ve all been there on those really long flights and time is going so slow, whether it be down to the excitement of getting away or down to something irritating you on the plane – the uncomfortable seats or that inevitable crying baby a good game can really help those flights to fly by! Especially if you are travelling with youngsters a board game can be a great way to keep children occupied and happy during an exhausting flight as posted on lifehacks those who are prepared with activities for their children say that the flight was calmer.



This classic family game is a great way to keep you occupied on the plane, if you have a competitive streak then this would be perfect for you. The games can last a long time making it great for keeping everyone busy and this really is a classic card game that everyone should know how to play, it provides reliable fun and can be a great way of not only providing entertainment but encouraging your brain to do something a little more productive which can also encourage you to stay awake should you be running on little sleep.


Eye Spy.

Eye spy is that classic and reliable game that works great at keeping little ones entertained and calm, this game involves selecting an object in your surroundings and making the others player guess what it is based on the first letter. This game is a great way of entertaining your family young and old but it is especially great as it can encourage children who may be a little nervous flying to be comfortable with their surroundings, at the end of  the day the best way to have a good flight is to keep your children calm and happy and eye spy is a tried and tested way of achieving this.



Another classic game that provides hours and hours and hours of entertainment would have to be monopoly, this classic property auction game is not only a solid entertainment tool but it is also great at teaching children things about money handling and property selling, although a little premature learning anything whilst having a good time is definitely a positive. Although, this game is great fun it can be extremely competitive so I would maybe avoid this one if you tend to row over things like this, nobody needs a fistfight on the plane.



Scrabble is another great example of a game that makes you think, this is another tried and tested game that encourages you to use your brain which is great for easing the tension of a flight as well as helping to keep you awake if you haven’t gotten much sleep. This one is great for the kids as it encourages them to have fun whilst they are learning and expanding their vocabularies so it really does kill two birds with one stone in terms of keeping everyone occupied on the flights whilst teaching everyone a thing or two.



Another classic game is pictionary, this game can be bought in a smaller, more convenient travel version that is great for just throwing in the hand luggage to be whipped out when something to do is required. This extremely fun and entertaining picture finding game is a hit with everyone and the competitive element means that the whole family can enjoy playing with each other for a good few hours. This game is another example of a game you can’t go wrong with in terms of entertainment and usefulness as it provides fun for the whole family and can really ease the stresses of flying.



Finally one of the simpler games on this list would have to be hangman, it’s simple, it doesn’t cost anything apart from maybe a pen and paper and can provide endless guessing fun for all the family. This really is a solid choice in terms of helping to ease the stresses of flying as it can be set up and started relatively quick and easily meaning that should a problem or conflict arise it can be resolved almost immediately.


The Wealthiest Families of Ireland and Their Impact on Tourism

There is something quite sinister and creepy that I have always associated with wealthy families; I can not help but see decerped mansions on the hill and old heirlooms or family crest rings. Though in actual fact these wealthy families can be of great benefits to there country of origin, and perhaps no where is this as true as the country of Ireland. Offering a healthy impact on the country’s tourism market.

Magnier Family

Perhaps the biggest name in horse training is John Magnier, with him and his family valued at an estimated $4 billion. The family have invested million of dollars into Ireland, improving facilities and infrastructure throughout the country.

The families renowned reputation as the worlds greatest horse trainers have seen the richest of the world look towards Ireland in the hopes they can acquire Magnier’s abilities in horse training. This has seen Ireland’s horse market explode with nearly 150 million dollars in taxable revenue generated every year from the horse racing industry. This horse racing industry is perhaps Ireland’s biggest attraction for the rich and famous. John Magnier himself is currently a senator in the Irish parliament like he could not give any more back to the country of Ireland.

Guinness Family

When you ask people what they associate with Ireland it would not be surprising to hear Guinness mentioned. Perhaps no family has given back as much to the city of Dublin as the great Guinness family. Consistently parading the beauty of Ireland to their worldwide market through there advertisements, it has brought droves over to the Irish capital to sample the Guinness brewery tour. A statistic that really drives this fact home is that 90 percent of the brewery’s visitors are actually foreign. With a total of 1.7 million visitors in 2017 that would mean the Guinness tour alone brought in 1.53 million tourists alone.

O`Leary Family

The final family to be mentioned in this passage is the O`Leary family, with a net worth of 1.03 billion dollars. The family managed to generate this wealth through a close entanglement with the Ryanair flight company. This company has allowed for extremely low-priced flights to Ireland, as it markets itself as the ultimate low budget airline. Flights to Dublin come in as cheap as $5.87, these cheap flights have allowed for a new market of young students and backpackers on a budget.

The family has not been without controversy as unlike with the previous families mentioned in this list they have not been particularly generous with their earnings. The family often use their large number of yearly passengers as leverage over airports meaning they do not have to pay any fee towards the airport. The family’s chieftain in Michael O`Leary has been involved in several controversies, perhaps most comical was his purchase of a taxi licence plate for his personal Mercedes-Benz in 2004.

This allowed O`Leary to drive in bus lanes, as car was now registered as a taxi, greatly reducing his time in transit to work. Despite these controversies the O`Leary’s have been instrumental in driving tourism towards Ireland.