Travelling is one of the greatest things a person can do. Not only is it beneficial in and of its itself, but it also provides long-lasting health benefits, and this is especially true if you travel in luxury as opposed to on a budget. However, some have argued that actually, travelling on a budget can be even more beneficial due to the more “down to earth” nature of the holiday. With that said, let’s compare the two so you can decide if you should travel on a budget or if you should travel in style.

Travelling in Style

The main benefit of travelling without too much of a budget is the extra security. Security is pretty much always a given when it comes to luxury hotels. They usually have ample cameras along with special card access for rooms to ensure nobody else can get in. Sometimes there will even be security guards to make sure you’re extra safe.

The obvious con, however, is, of course, the cost. Unless you’re extremely wealthy or have happened to get the right lottery results at xosovui, travelling in style can’t really be done and instead, you will have to stick to a budget.

Travelling on a Budget

A big benefit of travelling on a budget is that it brings a lot of gratitude. When you travel with financial constraints, we tend to concentrate more on what we see around us – nature, monuments, cuisine, works of art, etc. A lot of the time we focus on things like transport, accommodation, guides, which isn’t a bad thing, but it can be nice to focus more on the actual travelling.

At the end of the day travelling on a budget and travelling in style are synonymous if you know what you’re doing!


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